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Toyota, Z Energy, Localist, Department of Internal Affairs, NZ Police, Charities Services, Data.govt.nz, Archives New Zealand, Greater Wellington Regional Council.


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We're off to UX New Zealand 2015!

ux newzealand

"UX New Zealand is the biggest and the best user experience conference in Aotearoa. We’ve imported some of the top web and UX designers along with project managers.

Git Branching Best Practices

These best practices maybe adopted within a team setting, they have been adopted from the blog A Successful Git Branching Model by Vincent Driessen.Of course you may tweak this model to fit...

AngularJS SilverStripe Integration

This post follows from my previous post (AngularJS 101) and discusses how to integrate AngularJS in a SilverStripe setting, which isn't too different from setting up AngularJS in stand-alone app...

Custom Composer Packages and Install Paths

Ever wanted to require a Git package via Composer that's hosted on git, this is how you can achieve this!Also, discovered a very handy Composer plugin that lets you specify...

Overriding Composer Stability Requirement

There are situations in which you're working with a legacy system that is dependent on a particular (Older) release which unfortunately isn't stable (According to Composer stability settings).